Who Are Tesla Technologies?

Tesla Technologies is a corporation which brings together many years of experience and talent to showcase the very best in environmentally friendly solutions. Our team are constantly seeking to innovate in this area.

We are launching an installation program for two of our very best solutions offering portable, small scale highly efficient power producing units which can be replicated at any given site to create large scale electricity production with minimal impact on the environment.

Are Tesla Cars connected to Tesla Technologies?

No. Tesla Technologies derives it’s name from one our key team members, Tomislav Tesla who is a direct descendent of Nikola Tesla one of the greatest engineers ever known. Tomislav is the inventor of the Cascading Hydropower Plant.

Mihail Soloviev and his team form another important part of the Tesla Technologies products being the creator of the Mobile Cyclone Gas Generator.

How do I buy a 3T Token?

Please see our guide on How to Buy Tokens>

How much are Tokens?

Tokens cost €0.50 and can be bought using the Ethereum crypto asset (ETH). The cost of ETH varies but a 3T Token costs approximately 0.002597 ETH

How many can I buy?

There is no maximum on the number of Tokens you can buy.

How few can I buy?

The minimum purchase is 0.013 ETH (5 tokens). You do not need to buy whole tokens.

Will the Token value increase?

We are not permitted to give any price predictions. However, we can say that the Token sale and business model is designed to create a constant demand for Tokens together with an ever decreasing supply of Tokens.

This is because we have added a secondary market creating demand for Tokens after the Token sale and will also be actively buying the Tokens ourselves from project profits.

Can I sell my Tokens?

You can always sell your Tokens privately to a 3rd party. We are currently developing the exchange platform which, when complete will enable you to sell your Tokens at the current market price or to set a price point at which you are willing to sell. You will also be able to speculate the Token price in the CHP, MCG and CCO wallets.

Can I transfer my Tokens to another wallet?

You can transfer your Tokens to any ETH compatible wallet and can even hold them offline for security. You can transfer Tokens between wallets on the exchange platform currently being developed.

Many popular exchanges and wallets will only accept Tokens listed on their own exchange.

DO NOT transfer tokens unless you are sure they will be accepted.

If they are not accepted they will be lost.

Can I gift Tokens to other people?

Yes – as long as they have an ETH compatible Wallet you can transfer them at any time.

Can I redeem my Tokens?

There is no right of redemption of Tokens. However, the business model is designed to buy back and burn all the Tokens offered for sale from Token holders. There is no obligation to sell but those that are offered for sale will be bought by Tesla Technologies from project profits.

Can I swap my tokens for shares in the Regulated Fund when it is set up?

We are currently consulting with advisers regarding the structure and permissions of the regulated fund. Whilst we intend to offer this facility we cannot at this time make this commitment.

Can I store ERC-20 tokens in my Ethereum wallet?

We do not recommend you send and store ERC-20 tokens in your TESLA TECHNOLOGIES TOKEN Ethereum wallet. While you can receive any ERC-20 tokens in your Ethereum wallet, you will not be able to view or manage them in the TESLA TECHNOLOGIES interface.