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Go to register page, enter your email, hit 'Register', then check your email inbox and confirm your account:Step 1. Register or sign in
Once you have registered you will get a unique Wallet Address which will look similar to this: 0x227357126a5d5937202cd165bd74aB14985d8324
Your wallet address is your personal account. You can only send Ethereum (ETH) tokens to this address. We will explain how to get ETH below.
Get Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)
You will need one of the two major cryptocurrencies in your possession in order to be able to participate in any Token offering.
To participate in the Tesla Token sale you will need ETH.
The easiest and perhaps the most popular way of buying ETH is doing so through an exchange. ETH is the second most valued, stable and well-known cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, so finding an online exchange that operates within your jurisdiction and trades in ETH won’t be that difficult.
First of all, you will need to register with an exchange. Before doing so, make sure it operates in the country you live in and accepts the currency you wish to trade in. The registration process will require submitting a few general personal details.

Often, there are full identity checks included later on, when it comes to withdrawals and deposits. In order to pass those checks, you will most likely need to provide a proof of address as well as a photo identification. This is done in compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

After passing all the necessary checks, you will need to choose a deposit method. Depending on a particular exchange, there are various ways of doing so. They include bank wire transfers, credit and debit card payments, SEPA or PayPal payments. There is typically a small deposit fee charged by an exchange, which may depend on the deposit method. The fees details can often be found in the ‘about’ section or in the footer of an exchange’s website.
An absolute majority of exchanges accept US Dollars and Euros, with other major fiat currencies such as British Pound Sterling, Russian Ruble, Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen and so on being accepted on some of the exchanges as well. It usually takes at least several hours for your deposited funds to appear in your exchange account, depending on a particular exchange and the chosen deposit method.
Below is a list of some of the exchanges accepting Ethereum:
NameCountryDeposit MethodsMinimum Purchase
GDAXWorldwideBank wire transfer$1
BitfinexWorldwideBank wire transfer$10
BithumbSouth KoreaBank wire transfers, Credit and Debit cards, Gift cardsN/A
BinanceChinaBank wire transfer$1
BitstampWorldwideBank wire transfer, Credit and Debit cards$5
KrakenWorldwideBank wire transfer$5
EtoroWorldwideBank wire transfer, Credit and Debit cards, PayPal payments$200
CoinbaseWorldwideBank wire transfer, Credit and Debit cards$1
BitPandaWorldwideBank wire transfer, Credit and Debit cards$25
GeminiWorldwideBank wire transfer$1

Your wallet address is your personal account. You can only send Ethereum (ETH) tokens to this address. We will explain how to get ETH below.
Send ETH to your wallet
If you already have ETH stored in another online wallet or your own offline wallet you need to locate where those ETH are held and then navigate to the ‘Send’ facility and enter your TT ETH wallet address as explained above.
You can choose how much to send. For example, if 1 ETH is worth $200 and you send 5 ETH then you will have the equivalent of $1000 in your TT Wallet – enough to buy nearly 2000 3T Tokens. You can send a minimum 0.013 ETH (5 tokens). There is no maximum.
You can now buy Tokens
Go to buy tokens page
Go to buy tokens page, enter amount in Ether and hit ‘Buy’:Step 2. Go to buy tokens page
If you do not have any ETH but you have BTC or other crypto assets then you will need to convert these to ETH using your chosen exchange or wallet provider and send them as described above.
If you do not own any ETH or any other crypto assets then the chances are that a lot of the phrases like “Wallets” - “Exchanges” - ”ETH” will seem confusing and you may need additional guidance. Please see our guide on How to get started – buying crypto.