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Become part of the Tesla legacy

Tesla Technologies brings together many years of experience and talent to showcase the very best in environmentally friendly solutions. Our team are constantly seeking to innovate in this area. We are launching an installation program for two of our very best solutions offering portable, small scale highly efficient power producing units which can be replicated at any given site to create large scale electricity production with minimal impact on the environment.

Why to buy Tesla Technologies Tokens (3T)?

Tesla Technologies is offering a Token Sale to raise the necessary capital to realise even the dreams of Nikola Tesla – enabling the generation of electricity from sustainable sources.

Why to buy Tesla Technologies Tokens (3T) ?

The Tesla Technologies business plan includes the installation of over 1450 Cascading Hydropower Power Plants and over 300 Mobile Cyclone Gas Generators in 5 countries.
Power generated is sold to national governments under the terms of power purchase agreements locking in agreed payments for as much as 10 years.
Installation will take less than 24 months and will create electricity generation of over 1,000,000 MWh (Megawatt Hours) per annum.
Each MWh is worth between €40 and €90 depending upon the region.

In addition, Tesla Technologies is launching a carbon offset program, measuring these activities compared to traditional power generation in each region thus developing a store of tradable carbon offsets for the benefit of Token holders.
During the development phases Token holders will be able to trade tokens in our trading platform and will also be able to offer to sell tokens at enhanced prices to new entrants to the market.

So why buy a Tesla Technologies Tokens?

Token numbers

Tesla Technologies is committed to rewarding the pioneers of its development. Profits from the CHPP and MCG units will be used to re-purchase tokens and reduce the supply of tokens.
Demand for Tokens will vary depending upon the business phases.

During the pre IEO and IEO token offering period demand is anticipated to be high.As the business moves into offering Regulated funds new entrants will need to purchase Tokens to access these fund offerings (‘Secondary Market’). This, it is anticipated, will sustain demand.